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By admin, 2014-09-26
A new look and a load of new features
  • Live Walls on both the homepage and profile pages - see the latest member activites and uploads as they happen
  • Live Wall lists include dynamic players for all audio, video and image items - listen/watch/view immediately
  • Motagator Points - earn as you post activities, upload, create, comment, like, rate
  • Discussion Groups - think of a topic, create the group, invite your followers, get talking
  • Polls - create polls and get votes on your ideas, uploaded media or whatever
  • Event attending/attended buttons - click if you are going or if you went
  • Invitations - invite your followers to an event, or to join a group, or just to view one of your items
  • Like, dislike and ratings for all items and activities
  • Support tickets should you need any help using Motagator, or just want to ask anything

as well as all the original features of a music/social based website now in its eleventh year.

Paul [Motagator Admin]

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